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Under the Public Eye: What Is Natural Gas Fracking

In the recent years, the oil and gas industry has revamped the method for extracting oil and natural gas and it is known as fracking or hydraulic fracturing. What is natural gas fracking, to be exact? It is a method of driving high pressure water, chemicals and sand into a well created in the process of horizontal digging in order to extract the natural gas. It is becoming clear that in the real of natural gas, the US is a powerful contender with numerous reserves that can be used.

Fracking for Oil: How Does It Work?

In the last few months, with the continuous demand for new energy sources, and with the increasing attention for the so-called Marcellus Shale, oil companies are sparking up conversations for new sources of employment by means of fracking for oil. The concept of fracking or more appropriately, hydraulic fracturing, is the process of initializing and furthering fractures on rock formations underground, with the help of a pressurized liquid.

Understanding the Process of Natural Gas Fracking

The daunting issue of insufficient energy sources is a big problem for many industries. That is why in the last few years, the topic about natural gas fracking is becoming more and more popular for the masses. According to studies, there is a massive quantity of natural gas that is underneath massive shale rock structures deep into the earth surface.

The Future of Solar PV Electricity Generation

The importance of solar electricity generation With fears of carbon dioxide causing global warming and diminishing supplies of fossil fuels, a looming energy crisis is affecting all countries. As a consequence, a great deal of world-wide effort is going into the development of alternative energy technologies. At present, wind, hydro and geothermal are becoming well established with more niche roles for tidal and solar.

Converts Climb Aboard Clean Energy Bus

A whole slew of corporate magnates, political leaders and members of the establishment are buying into the economic benefits of energy savings and renewables. And the concept is jumping party lines. Conservative members of the GOP are finding value in the money-saving measures and are starting to look at energy by way of national security.

Solar Panel Prices Down By 70 Percent From 2009

Those involved in the solar industry can look at the decline in solar panel prices as a low point or they can view it as an opportunity to finally offer solar power as a viable, sensible, and affordable alternative to fossil fuels. The former option leads to failure; the latter brings jobs and profits. Which do you prefer?

Fossil Fuels and Our Need for Alternatives

You have heard about global warming; how we should save our world from destruction of our own making and that we must start using alternative energies rather relying on fossil fuels. But what are fossil fuels and how does it affect our environment? This is the topic this article will be focusing on…what fossil fuels are and how had these type of energy contributes to the destruction of our planet Earth.

Renewable Energy From Waste

As we discuss more about alternatives on going green, I surely hope you’ll never get tired of finding out more ways on how to help the planet Earth. Truth be said, I find it more and more interesting on what people are doing to help alleviate the environmental problems we’re currently facing. And with this, I found out that our even our waste is now being converted to useable energy…amazing, isn’t it!

Energy in Australia – More Renewable Power, Less Greenhouse Gases by 2020

Energy in Australia is being reformed. The country is the leading emitter of greenhouse gases among all industrialized nations and its emissions have been increasing at an alarming rate in the previous years. Its government has put into place programs to have more renewable power sources produced and used by households and businesses to hopefully counter the effects of climate change brought about by the country’s huge amounts of greenhouse gas, or carbon, emissions.

Energy Saver Incentive and Smart Meters in Victoria

Energy Saver Incentive and smart meters in Victoria are among the measures that the Australian state has been testing to help them move forward towards its energy efficiency goals. Victoria is very active in developing energy efficiency programs to help minimize the carbon emissions and its hazardous effects.

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