‘Used To Fund Government Tyranny’: Chip Roy Spars With Top Dem Over Debt Ceiling

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Free Energy For Enslaved Humanity Now?

Free energy is around the corner if enough of us want it for all of us. But it will cost us. It will cost us some time and effort such as I am investing right now – because I want it for all of us.

D2 Sellers – Guide to Find Genuine Oil Traders

This is an article about the right way to find genuine and reliable D2 sellers. Do not buy D2 from any oil dealer via the internet without reading this article to learn about the right way to find a genuine D2 seller.

Global Energy Efficiency Challenge – What Is The United States Up To?

A variety of forward thinking initiatives have been created as a result of the Global Energy Efficiency Challenge, which was launched recently by the United States government. Some of these initiatives are very diverse and niche related, while others aim to promote education and action in the mainstream market.

Conserve Energy and Save the Environment by Using Bicycles

You need to protect your cycles and bikes just as you want to protect your cars. Protection from adverse climatic conditions is what you need to do to keep your cycles working.

The World Needs More Renewable Energy Events

Reasons why world needs more renewable energy events. How to better promote renewable energy sources?

The Gulf Oil Spill – Americans Negate Off-Shore Energy and Add to Global Pollution

Americans waste more energy unnecessarily per year than all the energy tapped by off-shore drilling. Jobs were lost, communities were hurt, marine life harmed and billions of dollars spent to clean up after an oil spill that would never have occurred if the drilling rig had not been there. Americans have the ability to save this planet from the possibility of another such occurrence.

Diesel, Kerosene and Natural Gas

Despite the progress which has been made related to the supply of electricity within the last two decades, reportedly, there are more than 1.6 billion people still do not have access to electricity and/or regular supply of energy. In addition to the need for electricity, regular supply or access to fuels is still difficult and costly in many parts of the world, but particularly in rural areas of the developing countries.

We Need to Find Some Alternative Energy Sources Quickly

Traditionally, electricity has been generated used fossil fuels such as coal and gas but unfortunately these resources are finite and supplies have almost run out. In addition, their use has damaged the environment due to the large amount of carbon dioxide these generation methods produce and this contributes to the greenhouse effect and causes global warming. We need to find some alternative energy sources quickly.

The Completion of the Photovoltaic Industry Will Be Worldwide

This article talks about the photovoltaic industry all over the world. The author also point out that the competition of the photovoltaic industry will expand from Europe to the whole world.

Free Energy Suppressions

The search for free energy source is not a new idea, and has been taking place from along time already. During all that time people who were giving their efforts to find it were not always recognized and well respectable among scientific society and wide public. The is a theory called “free energy suppressions” that says that these inventors have been seriously suppressed and some of them even killed.

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