”We Are Confident That We Will Get It Done’: Kamala Harris Addresses Infrastructure Bill

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Wind Energy: A Modern Solution To Supplementing Electricity

What they do, is transform naturally abundant wind into usable electrical energy. When wind presses against the blades of a wind turbine, the blades rotate an axle which in turn operates an electrical generator. The resulting direct current can then be used to power home electrical devices, can be stored for later use, or can even be sold to a home owner’s local power grid in return for credits against their monthly energy bill.

Wind Turbines: The Wave of the Future?

These turbines work just the opposite of ordinary fans. As fans use electricity to generate movement of the blades resulting in wind, these new devices use wind to turn their blades to generate electricity. As the blades turn, they turn a shaft which, when connected to a generator, generates power.

Investigation Season

Springtime brings rising gasoline prices almost as surely as it brings flowers and songbirds. Rising gas prices, in turn, bring government investigations.

RHI Value To The Boiler Industry On Non-Domestic Applications

The new RHI or Renewable Heat Incentive scheme, which was announced in March2011, has just announced that the first part is just for non-domestic applications. The key aspects are that the owner of the installation, or the producers of the biomethane for injection, are the people to whom the payments claimed are paid to, and payments will be made over a 20 year period. For small and medium sized businesses both the installers and the equipment is going to have to be certified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme, or equivalent standard.

Renewable Energy Sources – Solar Power

What’s not to love about solar power? The sun is what allows life to exist on this planet. Since man invented the light-bulb, we’ve been trying to harness and illuminate the inside of our world the way the sun does outside.

The New Solar Reality – Boeing Assembly Goes Solar

For those who remember when solar energy was a sort of hobby for enthusiasts rather than a major energy initiative, vindication is coming, daily. Boeing has just announced that it’s building a major solar energy plant for its South Carolina Boeing 787 assembly plant. This is a big departure for an industry formerly glued to fossil fuel power.

Renewable Energy Sources Are the Future of Mankind

The oil reservoirs under the continents are fast running out. We are now searching deep in to the ocean bed for fuel oil. Coal, natural gas resources are also almost spent.

Are We Modern Day Aztecs – Is Solar Energy Really the Bright Future Foretold?

It appears everyone is “all in” when it comes to solar power, it’s as if everyone all of a sudden decided to worship the Sun again. Perhaps, we are all going to be modern day Aztecs. But I ask – is solar power really the best way to generate our energy and electricity needs?

Biomass Briquettes

Emergence of a new fuel – Though biomass has been burnt for centuries in villages and areas around farms, the fuel has not seen any significant use in large scale industry until now. Biomass Briquettes or White Coal in the local lingo has brought biomass burning to the most sophisticated of manufacturing industries around the country. From pharmaceutical units in Gujarat to Tea Factories in Tamil Nadu are now using biomass briquettes in their boilers to generate steam for various applications.

The Benefits Of Using Renewable Biofuels

An alternative to using traditional fossil fuels for powering diesel engine vehicles and heating homes that is growing in popularity is biofuel. Biofuel is a renewable energy source as it consists of agricultural products like soybeans. It can also be made from WVOs (also known as Waste Vegetable Oils) and is often found discarded in restaurants, making it a readily available resource in most areas. Whatever the materials renewable biofuels is made of, the benefits of using this alternative fuel source is tremendous.

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