‘We Are Paying Donald Trump’s Bills’: Steve Cohen Discusses Debt Ceiling

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How a Nation Can Go Green: The Iceland Model for Energy Independence

Iceland is the role model that every country on earth should be studying. The small country of Iceland, with only about 318,000 inhabitants, leads the world in clean energy production. The country has transformed itself from being largely dependent on coal and oil 30-40 years ago to being essentially independent of all fossil fuels today.

Natural Gas to Dominate Energy Market in United States?

It certainly looks like natural gas will dominate US energy market for the next couple of decades? There are several reasons for this.

How Not To Go Green: From the Most Green to the Least Green World Cup?

The green living movement may be headed for a setback, thanks to soccer. By all accounts the 2010 World Cup in South Africa was the greenest World Cup event ever. But the recent announcement that the tiny Arabian country of Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup competition will likely reverse the progress in greening the famous world soccer competition.

Does Energy Transition Mean Conservation?

Is it possible that the looming energy transition will effect me? Is there energy conservation in my future? Can the way we have always operated possibly mean we have to change our ways and reduce consumption?

Wiring Up Green Energy Ain’t Easy

Europe and the United States see quite a bit of potential in green energy. Yet, problems arise immediately. Renewables are expensive and often in remote spots far from existing power lines.

The Importance Of Energy Conservation

Anyone who has to pay the gas and electric bills for their family every month knows why we should all conserve energy. Most of the expenses you pay for have increased by great margins over the last few months, and by now you should at least be considering among other things how to have this in check. If you haven’t already started turning off lights and appliances when you’re not using them, you’re a step behind already.

Solar Panels Cost – What Are They?

If you are thinking about installing solar panels you will need to consider the costs. Cost however is only one factor that you should be looking at. You may want the cheapest solution that you can get but this may not be the best or indeed the most cost effective solution in the long run.

Solving the World Energy Problem, Part 3

In addition to energy from the sun, there is another source of energy that could help fill the energy gap created by the reduced availability of fossil fuels. This other possible source for sustainable, renewable energy is energy derived from the earth itself. There are three earth-generated technologies that, I believe, can serve as large-scale energy sources.

Solving the World’s Energy Problem, Part 2

In “Solving the World’s Energy Problem, Part 1” I have argued that fossil fuels are essentially fossilized energy from the sun. Since fossil fuels take millions of years to create and their supply is finite, at some future time our fossil fuels resources will be exhausted. I further proposed that biofuels are a suitable substitute for fossil fuels, but our ability to produce biofuels will never be sufficient to replace the enormous amount of fossil fuels that the world is consuming. Therefore, the world will need alternative renewable energy technologies. Here are four possibilities to meet future energy needs.

Solving the World’s Energy Problem, Part 1

The world has an energy problem. Civilization on earth runs largely on the burning of fossil fuels, an energy source that is finite. At some point it must be replaced, but how? I think I have an answer.

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