‘We Must Not Shy Away From This Painful Past’: Harris Addresses Congress Of American Indians

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Why is America Still Fooling Around With Expensive Unreliable Energy?

It is amazing to me how many entrepreneurs bring forth their business plans for alternative energy companies harnessing new technologies to create power. Many of these business plans which I have looked at are not doable. And as I peruse the engineering data, it is quite evident that they do not have a chance of ever developing a proper return on investment.

Can the Renewable Energy Bill Boost California’s Economy?

California continues to struggle in these difficult economic times. The unemployment rate in the state is 12%, however, some northern California counties are reporting unemployment rates greater than 20%. The housing market in the state is also struggling to recover as many analysts believe we have yet to hit rock bottom. What can California do to provide some relief to its residents?

Energy Efficiency Scores Big, and There’s Growth on Horizon

and picking up on the philosophy pioneered in 1970s California by the Godfather of Green, Art Rosenfeld. While Rosenfeld, a nuclear physicist and California energy commissioner, started the movement that saved the state having to build many new electricity generating facilities, he’s no longer the Lone Ranger. For instance, the Manteca Unified School District reportedly shaved $2.2 million from its energy bill over 19 months through energy efficiency. DTE Energy, which operates Detroit Edison, reported that its energy efficiency programs saved customers $31 million in 2010 with lifetime savings estimated to be about $520 million. And 16 members of the American Chemistry Council saved enough BTUs through energy efficiency measures in 2010 to power all the homes in a city the size of Akron, Ohio, for one year. To quote Donald Trump: “That’s huge.”

Future of Lighting – Past, Present and Future

The creation of usable artificial light can be considered one of man kind’s greatest achievements because it allowed us to be productive well beyond the time the sun went down. We were no longer bound by the constraints the sun placed upon us. Now we could explore the deepest, darkest recesses of the earth with the ability to see what’s around us. Artificial lighting is an ever evolving technology, so let’s take a look at what brought us here today, and where lighting is going in the future!

Wind Turbines Might Be The Way To Go for Renewable Energy

Wind turbines are a good source of clean, renewable energy. They have captured the attention of environmental groups as a realistic new alternative to energy production. With a cheaper price tag and a smaller environmental footprint than its closest alternatives, wind energy may very well be the champion of our future energy supply.

Unless You Have a New Idea That Will Change the World of Sub Atomic Particles, Button It

Over the years I’ve watched mankind continually repeat the same old silly policies which keep making their civilizations and societies run inefficiently. And this decade is apparently going to be much of the same. It’s too bad humans can’t seem to progress, and even those who call themselves progressives have little to offer than slogans.

The Definition of Green Energy

Green energy has many definitions, but generally the definition of green energy is any energy source that replenishes itself by nature. Examples of green energy can be solar, wind, and geothermal. All of these energy sources replenish themselves. We can take a look at these three different types of energy sources to see how we can apply them to our everyday lives.

Growing Popularity Of Lithium-Ion Battery Packs

Why are Lithium-Ion battery packs popular? Of all the metals, lithium is the lightest.

Easy Ways to Save Money on Gas and Conserve Fuel

Did you know that how you drive can significantly impact your vehicle’s fuel mileage? That’s right. By driving smarter, you can immediately start to burn less gas and save money. How does saving 20% on every fill-up sound? That’s more than enough to overcome recent gas price hikes, and it’s as simple as changing the way you drive.

India Finds Ways to Tap New Sources of Energy

When crude oil sneezes in the international market, the resident Indians catch cold. Not just policy makers and industrialists, it affects all the layers of society. The fear is understandable. The projected growth plans could go haywire; if the price of crude oil continues to spiral up.

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