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Damages in the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System Ceases the Gas and Oil Production Across the US

In the United States the major crude oil pipeline ceased it operations for more than 48 hours. The Alaskan pipeline carries nearly 10 percent of the United States crude oil output and has caused a tremendous setback to the BP.

Clean Energy Investments Are Flying High Incredibly

Energy investments are flourishing ubiquitously and recently the energy department of Peru has decided to produce an energy investment of 5 billion US dollars within 2011. The Peru Ministry of Energy and Mines reported that, the energy investment allotted is 10 percent higher than the previous year’s energy investment.

Dangers of Offshore Drilling

Mankind has often been in constant search for the right sources, which would provide them with surplus energy. Today the economy of the world has turned out to be very robust and dynamic thanks to the fossil fuels, which have contributed to this change. When the crude oil was first discovered to be a major source of fuel for the vehicles and also for providing the electricity the world around, it became the most wanted fuel.

Choosing the Right Natural Energy Source

Energy experts around the globe are of the opinion that, the world’s fossil fuel reserves will not last long, much due to the increased rate of consumption worldwide. Indeed it is really depressing to swallow such facts, but the truth is that mankind already has started the formalities of finding out alternative energy sources, to satisfy their daily energy needs.

Bio-Fuel Sphere to Experience a Remarkable Transformation During 2011

The chief operating officer of Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation recently remarked that, in 2011 the investors will go along with the energy efficiency projects since these projects experience low technological risks. Energy efficiency plans can be easily embedded with the current infrastructure and this would attract great deal of new investors and satisfy the other existing investors.

Controversies Involved in Natural Gas Drilling

The modern era has seen most of the countries, desperately searching for the deposits of oil and natural gas. Indeed drilling for gas has taken an upper hand, ever since it was found that the natural gas was much superior to that of the crude oil.

Breakthrough of Horizontal Drilling Process for Natural Gas Deposits

Natural gas has been the focus of attention since scientific studies have very well proved that, it is the most harmless of all the other fossil fuels, when it comes to the question of environmental friendliness. It is true, since it releases the least amount of the green house gases that promote global warming and this has made it the favorite, for the people around the globe.

It’s Time to Weed Out the Poor Performing Alternative Energy Projects – Unfortunately That’s Most

It’s amazing how the American taxpayer got so snuckered when it came to alternative energy projects during the height of propaganda for the Obama Stimulus Package. We’d just come off a big election, with more political rhetoric, PR, and publicity stunts than in any other election in human history. In fact it was the largest amount of money ever spent on an election in the history of mankind as well; $750 million.

Answers to Critics of the Solar Power Industry

Despite the growing popularity of renewable energy and solar energy in particular, there are still many critics of the solar power industry. Let’s address and answer the major criticisms here.

Modular Collector System to Generate Heat in Most Convenient Manner

The thermal panel for home is a better system to generate heat using the solar power. At the same time it is less effective for the environment as well.

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