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The Renewable Industry Could Destroy Hull

Leading Business coach discusses the Renewables Industry and the effect it could have on businesses in Hull. He questions, “Does your business have what it takes to make the most of the Renewable Energy opportunity?”

Using the Sun As an Energy Source

Despite the noticeable advantages of using solar energy it is most ill-fated that there are very few solar energy facilities around the world. Unfortunately, there are just so many obstacles blocking success’s path with this notion completely. Scientific restrictions establish that the most effective solar cells created these days are still not capable of producing enough energy to be, in a commercial sense, practical without taking up huge surface areas.

Energy Efficient Lighting Tips for Inside and Outside a Home

If you have an average sized home, you likely use about 6% of your energy bill on your lighting system. If you switch over to more efficient lighting that uses less energy, you will see a significant cut in your energy bill prices. Using things like timers and even motion sensors can reduce your bill even more by keeping the lights off when they are not in use.

What Is GI-199? A Brief Look at Fukushima and Nuclear Safety Requirements in the U.S.

In 2012, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission addressed the comprehensive re-establishment of the design basis for existing plants. (See “Individual Plant Examination of External Events (lPEEE) for Severe Accident Vulnerabilities.” Or NUREG/CR-4334 at www.sc-nuclear.com). The document issued by the NRC that detailed the re-evaluation of the seismic, tsunami, flooding, and other external hazards that could impact the safe operation of plants and provides for the requirements for dealing with these issues is known as Generic Issue 199 (GI-199).Information gathered during safety risk assessments, part of the GI-199 requirements, would be used to determine whether or not the NRC would re-issue a power plant’s operating license and also determine whether any currently operating plant was “at risk” or needed improvements or upgrades to its existing structures or systems. GI-199 has many NPP’s working to understand what course to take to meet NRC requirements, including performing seismic risk assessments, SSI analysis, walkdowns, modeling, and evaluation of power plant structures and components.

Is The Supply Of Rare Earth Magnets Running Low?

Rare earth magnets were developed in the 1970s utilizing alloys of elements to create a strong permanent magnet. Therefore, in order to make the alloys the elements must first be mined. China mines around 95% of the elements used in rare earth magnets for the entire world. The other 5% comes from areas including Japan, Australia, and California. California is the only region in the western hemisphere that produces these elements. However, a shortage of the elements has developed recently.

Can Neodymium Magnets Be Drilled And Machined?

Neodymium magnets are the strongest of the permanent rare-earth magnets. For the magnetic strength it packs, it is relatively light. It has wide commercial uses such as in electric motors, magnetic resonance imaging, speakers and headphones, and in computer hard disks. It is also gaining popularity in other applications that magnets have not been used before, such as in closing mechanisms of items such as jewelry and parachute equipment, and even in children’s toys. It is commercially available for do-it-yourself hobbyists. This leads to whether it can be drilled or machined by non-professionals or not. While the possibility is there, it is not encouraged for several reasons.

D2 Diesel Delivers The Goods

Diesel fuel is essential for powering the industrial economies of the modern world. Diesel fuel, or what is known as D2 diesel, is used to transport approximately 94 percent of all goods in the United States. Diesel fuel offers many advantages over gasoline. It is less flammable and provides as much as 30 percent more power density than gasoline. Many essential industries have come to rely upon diesel fuel, including agriculture, construction and transportation. D2 grade diesel fuel is also commonly used to power generators of all types.

Why Is Solar Energy Allowed to Break All the Rules?

One thing that has always bothered me about crony capitalism is when government gets in cahoots with big business and backs or funds big deals, then when those deals are about to go south, the government steps in and breaks all the rules to protect their investment. From a taxpayer standpoint, you might applaud such efforts to fast-track projects, or streamline regulations so that these commercial operations don’t fail sticking the taxpayer with the bill. However, I have a different way of looking at it and I’d like to talk to you about this for a few minutes if I might.

Why The World Needs to Embrace the Solar Panel?

Recently, the world has shifted its focus to renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind. This is because over reliance on fossil oils and coal has led to environmental pollution.

Writing Articles On Energy

Well, indeed I’ve written a ton of articles on the subject of energy. I’ve written about oil and gas, coal and geothermal, wind turbine and ocean wave, solar energy and biomass, and just about every other alternative potential energy source available. I’ve also written about nuclear power because my grandfather was a nuclear physicist. Indeed, I spend a good deal of time reading on topics of energy because I realize how vital it is for our nation’s economic prosperity to have a strong and viable energy policy.

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