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Windmills For Home Electrical Power Aren’t For Everybody

Windmills for home power are not for everyone. Inside see 3 reasons why.

Making Sense of Solar Power

With energy costs reaching an all time high, many businesses have started considering the benefits of solar energy. Solar panels have been around for quite awhile and have existed on many different scales, from toys and calculators to the panels found on many of the global positioning satellites orbiting the earth. Although until recently solar panel setups were expensive and cost prohibitive, but recent advances in technology combined with tax breaks from the government have made them a viable option for businesses looking to defray the costs of energy.

Role of Solar Energy for a Robust Economy

The 21st century is known as the epoch of technological advancement and digital revolution in man’s history which began in the 1980’s. The development of technology brought a remarkable impact on the economic development of many countries today.

The World Needs Nuclear Power to Stop Global Warming

Today, the world faces challenges that have arisen due to global warming. In simple terms, global warming means increase in the mean surface temperature of the earth over a period of time. This ‘average’ global temperature, which had remained relatively stable for last several thousand years, has started showing a sharp upward trend over the last 150 years or so – that is, since the Industrial Revolution, which picked up pace around the year 1850 and then spread across the world.

Tips for Solar Panels Cost Reduction

Are you hesitant to make use of solar panels to power up your home? Well, it’s no doubt that the initial cost for installation can shoot up beyond our budget. Here are crucial tips to reduce the cost of solar panels and its installation.

5 Reasons Why You Should Install Solar Panels for Home Use

As long as the sun is up, there are valuable reasons why one should install solar panels for home consumption. If you are still hesitant of shifting your energy source to solar, this article provides good reasons to calm your doubts. Save and earn some precious money!

Solar Power Cost: The Real Deal of Switching to Solar Energy

The hefty utility bills you pay each month is the price of not considering the actual solar power cost to generate residential electricity. Stop paying those bills! Here’s the real deal of switching to solar energy as your source of electricity.

Renewable Energy Blowing in the Wind

Wind power is just one of nature’s wonders, handed to mankind, just waiting to be harnessed and converted into free clean energy. Renewable due to its never ending supply, cost effective to our earth by decreasing carbon emissions and faithful in its reliability.

A Simple (and Brief) Explanation of What Happened at Fukushima

Actually, even this massive earthquake did not damage the Fukushima nuclear plant. After all, nuclear plants are built to withstand severe earthquakes – and that is exactly what happened here, too.

The Feasibility of Solar Power In Canada

When you think of solar power, Canada may not be the first place that comes to mind. It is often associated with cold weather, limited sunlight, especially during the winter months, there is still a lot of solar power potential here.

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