White House Asserts That Build Back Better Agenda Will Help Ease Inflation Over Long Term

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Switch Gas and Electricity

With the onset of winter upon us a lot of people will consider to switch gas and electricity supplier and save some money in the process. The last few years have seen a lot of media coverage over energy price changes. UK consumers have been handed price increases by the utility suppliers resulting in higher annual bills then they have had to pay before. Its time for UK consumers to switch supplier and save money!

The Predication Of The Solar Energy Market In The Next Year

This article mainly talks about the predication of solar energy market in the next year. The growth rate will be in units. The author also describes the main markets in detail.

Understanding Energy Monitoring

What can be gained by continuously monitoring your energy consumption? Buildings and facilities are a lot like humans. They contain a lot of different working parts that all need to work together for the whole system to function correctly. Real-time energy monitoring allows you to see your facility changing over time, similarly to a scale and a diet. Continuous Energy Management and Optimization (CEMO) is needed to get your building in shape and keep it in shape.

Going Green With Renewable Solar Energy

Solar energy is a comprehensive and reliable alternative for electricity that comes from the continuing and renewable source of the sun. It is a form of natural energy generated by the solar panels which produce inexhaustible amount of solar electricity for your daily use.

Solar Panels and the Feed-In Tariffs

Feed-in Tariffs, also known as The Clean Energy Cashback Scheme, are part of a policy introduced in 2010 in the UK to encourage home owners and communities to use renewable or low carbon energy. This plan was announced in October 2008 by Ed Milliband – then UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change – in addition to the already existing renewable energy quota scheme.

Ten Great Reasons for Using AVReporter Energy Management Software

AVReporter energy management software is a tool that can be used day to day by management and engineers alike. It easily enables the handling of large quantities of data.

Biofuels As a Sustainable Energy Source

Biofuels are energy sources derived from organic materials which are more environmentally friendly and renewable. Unlike fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal and gas which presence continues to drop, biofuels have a future prospect to replace fossil fuels as main energy supply. The most common biofuel is bio-ethanol.

How to Lower Utility Bills With Programmable Thermostats

As energy costs continue to rise it is important that we all understand how to make the best of it. A small investment in a new programmable thermostat can save quite a bit of money on your monthly bills. Here is how.

Carbon Capture Storage (CCS): Future Technologies Against Global Warming (1)

In the decades, the phenomenon of global warming became extremely important issue that impacts in increasing of temperature in surface environment. There are two important things related to global warming, the greenhouse effect and climate change. This first article shows about the phenomena of global warming was caused by carbon dioxide.

Solar Power As an Alternative Source of Energy

Solar power is converted energy from the sun that generates electricity. The electricity generated can be exported into the electricity grid and/or supplement electricity for running home appliances and business operations. The process of conversion requires a solar power system, the main component of which, are photovoltaic cells that make up solar panels.

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