White House Highlights Actions Of Supply Chain Taskforce

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Green Technology Is the New ‘Efficient’

Growing demand for energy According to the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), the demand for electricity in the US continues to grow, even while concerns over long term reliability of supply persist. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts the country’s electricity demand will grow at the rate of 1.8% to 1.9% percent per year till 2025. To keep pace with this increasing demand the US must add approximately 300,000 MWe of new capacity over the next 16 years.

Alternative Electrical Supplies For Addressing Power Crisis

World is slowly but steadily moving towards a huge power crisis. In such case, it has become imperative for the electrical supplies manufacturers to look for alternative avenues of electrical supplies to meet the huge demands in the consumer sector.

Outlook For Coal – Even Greater Use And More Pollution

Everyone has heard that the use of coal for power generation should be de-emphasized in favor of greener, less -polluting sources. But what is the outlook, according to the New York Times?

Solar Panel Installation – Benefits for Your Home

Over the years, there had been a lot of personal ways on how to save energy and at the same time lessen monthly electric bills and be environment-friendly. People are also influenced by other effective and efficient ways through what they watched on TV, read on the magazines, and even buying alternative products that has low energy consumption. With this in mind, there is another alternative for electricity that makes way for Solar Panel Installation which is a mounting industry for saving on power consumption. Since using solar power is a never ending source of free energy, it is owned by and offered for everyone and anybody can obtain as much as he/she wants.

Looking At Alternative Energy Sources For Our Future Power Needs

It sadly seems that our earth’s situation is somehow getting a little bit worse as the days go by. But there is good news – many people are doing their share in either small or big significant ways. Big companies are now into green economy making sure that they are able to give back to mother earth what is needed to save it from further destruction. There are also those who are into green movement in schools where students are supposed to take part in recycling. In turn they will be given some incentives for the effort that they are doing. Different households are also into recycling making sure that everybody at home is a part of it.

Global Energy – 5 Interesting Facts About Water Pollution

We’ve just heard that BP has finished pumping cement into the top of its damaged Gulf of Mexico oil well as part of its “static kill” procedure. BP took this step one day after it was announced that most of the oil had been broken down by natural elements or cleaned up.

Majority of UK Homes in Favour of Photovoltaic Power Adoption

According to a recent survey conducted by the Center for Alternative Technology (CAT), the majority of British households would consider adopting photovoltaic technology with 90 per cent saying that they would consider and 23 per cent saying that they would definitely adopt the technology in their homes. From the 750 homes which were surveyed, the results show a shift in general public opinion towards the practical application of renewable technology, especially if it is something which proves to be financially viable in the long term.

Conserving Electricity At Home

Do you conserve electricity in your home? Are you doing your part in saving energy? Simple things can be done at home which can contribute greatly to the reduction of electricity bills. Read more…

Glacial Energy – Cheaper Electricity Can Be Found in Natural Sources

When it’s cheaper electricity you want, it can usually be found in natural sources. These natural sources of electricity provide us with cheaper alternatives as compared to commercial energy. Check this out.

Various Sources of Light

Light has been at the heart of our existence lighting our way it seems for eternity. The amount of lighting we get can provide a dim reflection or illuminate everything into crystal clarity with its brightness. Light can create shadows and brighten up a dark room.

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