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Types Of Alternative Energy Sources

As traditional energy resources become more scare and more expensive, many are becoming interested in alternative energy sources. This is understandable, as these developing technologies have the potential to revolutionize may aspects of our daily lives. This topic deserves a bit of further discussion and exploration.

Non-Conventional Resources Draw in More Focus

The power production capacity of the United States and Europe has increased in leaps and bounds. From 2009, the economies of these two have been uplifted by the non-conventional resources rather than the conventional sources like oil and coal.

Geothermal Power Projects Gaining More Investments

Ormat Technologies, established in Nevada is involved in implementation and operation of geothermal power projects across the world. Ormat Technologies is primarily installing green energy projects across African, United States and Central America.

Fostering Investments for Biomass to Renewable Energy

Verso Paper Corporation leading paper and pulp producing company recently furnished around 40 million US dollars as energy investments for the Renewable Energy Project at the Bucksport, Maine mill. This renewable energy project would increase the thermal energy production around 43 percent, from the renewable biomass at the Bucksport Maine mill.

Display Energy Certificates – Are They Adding Up?

As the Department of Energy and Climate Change and the Department of Communities and Local Government embark jointly on a major consultation on the effectiveness of Display Energy Certificates, we ask; “How well is the system working?” DECs are currently mandatory for buildings over 1000m2 that are occupied by public bodies and institutions that are regularly visited by the public; this includes schools, universities, law courts, libraries and public sports facilities. DECs are also required by any organisation that has taken over the running of such a facility on behalf of a public body, such as sports trusts.

Pick Up Electrical Supplies Before the VAT Rise

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne’s announcement of a 2.5 per cent increase in VAT (from 17.5 per cent to 20 per cent) wasn’t exactly a decision greeted with joy when the news was first reported back in June. Businesses and consumers alike produced a countrywide collective groan.

Green Energy As A Source Of Eco Energy

For the longest period of time, human beings have relied on fossils as their only source of power. This power is used to facilitate some of the day to day activities people are involved in. The demand for this type of power is on the rise, leaving behind a trail of consequences. The best way to avoid the impact of increased consumption is to try and look for sources of eco energy.

Domestic Solar Power Systems – What’s In It For Me?

Solar power has been with us for many years now, from the humble solar powered calculator through to the SEGS CSP installation in California’s Mojave Desert (capable of producing an incredible 354 MW of power) – it is used to power all manner of devices and supplement grid supply in many areas. Although these massive solar power stations are incredibly interesting and capable of producing vast quantities of electricity (and the solar powered calculator is rather useful), the single most potentially life changing endeavour in solar panel technology lies in more accessible and affordable systems: domestic photovoltaics.

Ways to Generate Power

Energy is very essential for life to sustain in the environment. Electricity can be considered as one of the chief source of energy that is required by the people all through out the world. In fact the resources that are used to extract the energy is getting depleted with the passage of time and also the fossil fuels are causing lot of pollution to the nature while deriving power out of it.

Rare Earths and You

As of late, Rare Earth Elements (REEs) have come into focus in the media. What are REEs all about and how do they affect you? At least for the foreseeable future, prices will rise for the magnets and products made with them, such as the giant bird shredders also known as wind turbines, and their product, that is already highly overpriced electricity.

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