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How Much Power Does a Generator Produce?

When you’re buying a generator, it’s important to understand your power needs. Whether it’s for camping, home back-up or job site use, it’s important to understand which generator is right for the job and which one is going to fulfill your needs in the most efficient way.

Energy Auditor: The Best Career Choice?

Advanced technology and development of machinery supports us with improved methods to help us with our daily activities. As a consequence, the trend of energy and electricity consumption is rising, whether in industrial, office or home applications. The fact that electricity becomes one of the significant components in today’s industry opens a rather new perspective.

How Portable Solar Power Is Set To Take Over

With the increasing push for alternative energy sources, it is no surprise that this movement has brought about the creation of more portable solar power devices. Drawing on the energy of the sun is more environmentally friendly than various power sources.

How Mobile Solar Technology Can Change the World?

We cannot continue forever with our current methods of producing energy for the world. We’re consuming natural resources at a draining rate and producing dangerous and polluting by-products that often cause severe ecological damage.

Understanding Alternative Energy

An energy derived from renewable resources such as wind, water and sunlight, that is alternative energy. The word “alternative” promotes an understanding that these energy are used to replace a certain energy, such as the fuel energy, and are expected not to give the same consequences as the replaced energy. As we all know, alternative energies are better, environmentally speaking, than our chemical source of energy.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough?

A recent study shows that photovoltaic panels perform best in mountain ranges such as the Andes and the Himalayas. These regions could outperform deserts and other geographical landscapes that traditionally get attention as potential solar power sites.

Why Nuclear Energy Is Not Worth It

This article is about nuclear energy. It talks about why we should not use nuclear fission as a form of energy production.

What Happened to Solar Power Rebates in Australia?

Australian rebates and incentives for small-scale solar power installations have been rapidly dwindling – or vanishing altogether – over the last few years. Here, Modern Solar takes a brief look at the history of recent solar rebate programs and the impact of their sudden disappearance on customers and the solar PV industry.

Wholesale Energy Markets Reflect the World’s Financial Worries

In a direct reflection of the financial market’s currently unsteady nature, the wholesale energy markets tumbled to a four-month low at the end of May. The bearish market was thanks to the continuing instability in the Eurozone, as well as concern that the conflict in Syria could escalate.

The Green Deal – Is It Starting to Bite on Wholesale Energy Prices?

Rumours are circulating that the government is to review its much-lauded ‘Green Deal’, after warnings that it could “waste” between 2-3 billion GBP. Not true say the government, with the DECC swiftly countering these claims by saying that the government remains “fully committed” to the policy.

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