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Green You Say, Why Is This Important To Me?

I have been hearing all the commotion about going green and save the planet. I guess I really didn’t pay attention to all of it until I realized the potential we humans could achieve. We only have one earth and we really should take care of it!

Solar Power For An Electric Dependent World

The number of people owning and using cell phones, electronic entertainment gadgets, personal computers, and using the information highways, is growing at a fast pace. Everyone has gotten used to transmit text, image, video, and sound, even entire libraries, in mere seconds. And this is an asset people are not willing to lose.

Biosphere Technology: The Key to Oil Independence

Oil dependence has been a major hindrance for non-oil producing countries to reach their desired level of economic stability. This is because one economy cannot be said to be truly stable if it is greatly affected by every tiny fluctuation of the price of oil in the global market. That is why is has always been one of the biggest priorities of rich and developed countries to find alternative solutions that can substitute for oil.

A Brief Description of Renewable Energy Sources

This is a brief description and explanation of some of the various types of renewable sources of energy. A few pros and cons are listed for each.

Is Solar Energy the Best Renewable Energy Option?

Solar energy is touted by many energy experts as the best possible renewable energy option. Is this really so?

Solar Powered Energy – Some Other Forms of It

Even the current forms of energy we use are merely old, super high-density containers for solar energy. Coal is compacted plant matter. Oil is compacted algae matter. Natural gas is the by-product of both of them.

Wind Turbines – How to Build Your Own Home Wind Turbine

Small wind turbines are a real option for today’s homeowners. It’s not just a do-it-yourself project for weekend warriors, but a chance to create the energy your home needs to operate and become self-sufficient.

Solar Power – How Anyone, Including You, Can Take Advantage of Solar Power

Solar power is the free energy source that the recent advances in science are making more readily available for home owners. Solar power can be used to supply the various energy tasks around the home.

Renewable Energy Solutions – The Benefits For Your Community By Changing Your Source Of Energy

As the supplies of the world’s fossil fuels are decreasing, we continue to use these resources for our energy needs instead of renewable energy solutions. We can look at the advantages of renewable energy solutions, and we can use this to affect some of our fossil fuel consumption.

Wind and Solar Energy – The Reasons To Switch To These Alternative Energies

Wind and solar energy are great renewable energy resources that do not have detrimental effects upon the environment. Due to the adverse effects on the environment by our current methods of obtaining fossils fuels and disposing of their waste byproducts, wind and solar energy are excellent forms of alternative energy.

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