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Consider Solar Power When Building a Home

If you are planning to build a new home, you should consider the advantages of installing a solar energy system to power that home. There are long term cost advantages that are likely only to increase in the coming decades as fossil fuels become more expensive.

Can Humanity Find a Substitute for Oil If Our Oil Supplies Run Out Globally?

Americans need oil and without it our civilization stops, but does that mean that in the future oil won’t be replaced as the price goes up and supply and demand takes hold. And what about the so-called BS Peak Oil Theory of the 1970s, well, that turned out to be nonsense, but of course, someday that reality will darken our outlook, just not now. But if not now, when? Well, someday, the experts say.

The Future Is Brightening for LED Lighting

5 years ago the majority of the UK population had never even set eyes on an LED light bulb. However, that is all set to change. LED technology is advancing rapidly, with the latest bulbs providing brighter light than flourescent and incandescent bulbs. LED lighting uses up to 90% less energy than other types of light bulb. The lifespan of LED bulbs is also much longer – often up to 25 years. This greener technology saves the environment whilst also saving money for you and your business!

A Perfect Solution For Your Industrial Energy Needs – Commercial Solar Panels

The new commercial solar panels technology could get you over the worst and make solar power cost-competitive with fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy resources. Let’s learn about the use of solar technology in the commercial field in this article.

Get Free Green Power With Domestic Solar Panels in UK

It’s a fact that solar power is 100 per cent renewable and one of the greenest sources of power. It’s the future and today thousands of UK residents installing domestic solar panels to switch to this free source of power. There are numerous reasons why solar power can be the best option for your home, your bank balance, and of course, our Earth.

Solar Power in Cambodia

Information on investment in solar energy in Cambodia and details of projects in South East Asia. The cost of electricity is varied, depending on location.

Some Innovations Might Be Too Efficient In The Present Period

Not long ago, I was discussing a rather interesting innovation with an acquaintance of mine. The innovation was so dynamic and potentially incredible that it would change the supply chain of the energy industry. The changes would be so drastic and dominating that it would throw out of balance everything else. In other words, before it could come to fruition and actually be used in industry, the entire industry would have to change first, otherwise the industry would not be ready for it, and therefore couldn’t use it.

Basic Components of Solar Energy Panels

Solar panels are the heart of any solar energy panels system that harnesses the sunlight to generate electricity. To ensure smooth functioning of any solar system an array of components works in tandem. This article gives a brief of the various components that make up a solar energy system.

CNG – The Fuel of the Future

With depleting petroleum reserves, CNG emerged as an alternative natural fuel. Its immense advantages soon started pushing it up on the popularity charts across the business sectors, including the retail automobile user. The article looks briefly into the benefits of CNG and its potential future. Deservedly so!

Clean Coal Is Still A Very Wise Choice for Our Future

What’s wrong with clean coal? Nothing, it’s just that anti-coal, anti-energy, and anti-fossil fuel folks just can’t seem to understand the physics of energy. On one hand they claim to be all-knowing academics with scientific and empirical data to back-up their every move, but on the other hand they deny the reality that fossil fuels are packed with a lot of energy which is readily available. Never mind that reality, they are busy using inferior forms of energy generation based on a new religion of global warming, saving the planet, and preventing pollution.

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